Our  very dear friend Tammy was recently diagnosed with peritoneal cancer this past December.  For those of you who know her, you know that she is an extraordinary human being.  A loving and supportive mother, wife, and family physician to so many in the community.   She is cheerful, loving, unbelievably strong and always puts her friends and family before herself.  Tammy is the pillar of strenghth in her family and this diagnosis has dealt her family quite a blow.

Tammy underwent an extensive surgery right before Christmas to remove the visible cancer which had spread beyond what was originally thought to be localized to one area.   Thankfully, the surgery went well and the doctors beleive they removed all the cancer.   Due to the serious nature of peritoneal cancer, she will be having to undergo 8 months of chemothearapy starting January 23rd and needs a port placement so that she can get the chemo.  The doctors also want to test the dna on her tumor so that they can better predict it’s behavior.  These are things that are not going to be covered by insurance or be counted against Tammy’s deductible.

Not being able to work or care for her patients for several months is creating a financial strain on being able to afford everything needed to properly beat cancer.  Short term disability unfortunately does not provide full pay.  Some of her medical expenses are not covered and with the everyday necessities of life, money is getting tighter and tighter as it would for any one of us going through such an ordeal.

Tammy is one of the strongest, most selfless people I have ever known and is always there to give her love and support or the shirt off her back to anyone that needs it.   Tammy would never ask us for anything….   but WE can rally on her behalf to help her through this tremendous stress.

Now, it’s time that we send back some of that love and support to Tammy.  Anything you can donate will be truly appreciated.  If anyone can beat this, Tammy can, but she will need our help in this fight.  Please spread the word. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tammy has been an avid belly dancer in my Sohaila’s Shining Stars troupe for many years. She already is dearly missed. I just finished my 5th book and my last two books I am making available to pre order for printed books. I feel a very strong need to help with her fundraiser so we can get her back in  to class as soon as possible and get her the care she needs. So for those that will purchase my new books The Belly Dancers Pocket Guide and/or Belly Dance, A Holistic Dance of Self Expression, and even one of my signature Instructions DVD’s that I have available in stock, 10% of the proceeds will go towards Tammy’s fundraising campaign. I care for dancers out there and with my 40 years of belly dance knowledge, I can help spread the word of belly dance with class, elegance and style. Please purchase today. These are perfect for gifts for your friends too. Heck Valentines Day is fast approaching, just saying!

Pick up and I will sign them!