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Sohaila’s 2nd Edition Near and Middle Eastern Dance E-Workbook is a must for all dance enthusiasts as well as teachers to add to their dance library. Sohaila has 35+ years Middle Eastern dance expertise and knowledge in the field of Belly dancing and Folkloric Middle Eastern dance styles, having traveling and dancing the world.This workbook has a plethora of information that is true and accurate.
Teachers and Professors around the world are using this book to enhance their teaching skills and deliver high-quality classes to their students and clients.  (2006) 338 pages  
$69.99 Instant Downloadable E-book

Chapters include:
• History and Views of Belly dancing
• The Body and Belly Dance
• Dance Styles of the Middle East
• Basic Movements from head to toe
• Moves and Combinations 
• Finger Cymbals (Zills)
• Rhythm Patterns for Drums and Zills
• Instruments and Vocalization
• Dance Props
• Veil Work
• Floor Work
• Performing
• The Middle East
• Dancers and Singers
• Master Instructors
• Suggested Resources
• Sohaila’s Memory Lane
• Reflections on Sohaila
• Favorite Middle Eastern Recipes
• Dancers Checklist
• Sample Contract for Parties
• Glossary
• Tear Out Pages

ABC’s of Belly Dance Costuming, Ideas and More!
Are you tired of all those expensive costumes that you can’t afford. Me too! Now you can make your own beautiful costumes your way! Sohaila’s ABCs of Belly Dancing Costuming, Ideas and More Book is for ANY person that likes to hand sew, or use a sewing machine to make some fun and exciting items. This book is filled with inspirational and fun ideas to make from scratch or from something to enhance that is already made. In no time you will have a beautiful dance costume. Easy tips and tricks from Sohaila. Her 33 years of dancing and making her own costumes since she was a teenager has given her some amazing knowledge and insights to help her students make their own costumes with simplicity.
See for yourself why this book is for you! Don’t know how to sew, thats’ okay, Sohaila will show you how to make many beautiful items with ease. Patterns are included! Sohaila reveals how to make her Exclusive Sohaila Signature Headband, step by step so you too can wear this fabulous signature piece!
Includes CD! An added bonus of 100’s of amazing photos to help you with your ideas
Order yours today and get started on your new fabulous costume!!! Don’t forget to take a photo of you in your costume and send it to me by email, I would love to post it in my studio!Over 200 pages of ideas, tips, patterns and photos. The fabulous workbook is complete with:
Introduction, History of Costumes, An Encyclopedia of Ideas from A to Z, Instructions,
Belt Patterns, Checklists, and much more ideas and information
Included is a CD of: Full Workbook in Color pdf, Costume ideas, Patterns, How to’s!  (2014)
(176 pages)
$69.99 Instant Downloadable E-book AND DVD

Belly Dance A Holistic Dance, A Unique Style of Self Expression
Sohaila’s New eBook Reveals: How Belly Dance is A Unique Style of Self-Expression!!
This simple and easy-to-read book will show you… how movements of dance are tailored by the dancer to communicate their outlook and message on the universal expressions of life. You will discover how dance can liberate you, revealing a rich and joyful experience.
A very powerful book to inspire all women to be who they are meant to be. It’s time to awaken the woman inside of you!
Start healing your body, mind and soul and start creating a better life today!  Something in your life might be hindering you, maybe even stopping you from being the person you want to be and living the life you want to live…well lets change that.
This book gets you on the path to a self-empowered approach to owning your true self worth bringing out your self expression to the fullest.
$14.99 Instant Downloadable

The Belly Dancer’s Pocket Guide- How to Stay Sane and Thrive in the Dance World
Easy to read pocket ebook to educate dancers in the area of ethics and values for students, performers, and teachers alike. A complete pocket book divided into sections.
-The first section speaks to dance students. It will help novice and experienced students navigate the world of learning Belly dance and honing their craft, whether they dance for personal joy or to build a career.
-The second section focuses on performance. It concentrates on things that a dancer needs to know to get through performances and build their performance business.
-The third section is about teaching. In this section I talk about how to transition into being an instructor and helping new dancers flourish in the craft.
-The final section is filled with basic tips that can be applied to all facets of a dance career. I hope that it contains some more valuable information
that helps dancers no matter what stage of dance life they are in.
$9.99 Instant Downloadable

‘Empowering Affirmations’ Quotes and Affirmations from the World’s Top Entrepreneurs to Inspire You! E-Book
Turn your days into inspiration with these amazing quotes from top entrepreneurs. Elegantly presented, this affirmation book will inspire you. Read it when ever and where ever you are.
Empowering words of wisdom to keep you on the path of moving forward and staying focused.
These quotes were taken from Sohaila’s latest Interview Summit, “The Courage to Bring out your Authentic you, Dance to your own beat, no matter whose music is playing”. With over 24 live interviews from World renowned top Actors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs. 
$12.99 Instant Downloadable

In The Business Growth Owner’s Guide To CREATING YOUR MONEY MAGNET, JoEllen lays out some very specific things any business can put to immediate use to grow their bottom line profits. In this easy to read, easy to understand book you will learn how to…

  • Profitably attract more quality customers 
    Maximize your financial potential per customer
    Convert your customers into Advocates who actively and enthusiastically refer you to others
    Keep quality customers for life
    Understand and capitalize on the motives that compel people to make buying decisions
    Determine how much you can afford to spend to get a new customer and to retain your current customers
    Set you and your business apart from any and all competition
    And so much more
    $19.95 Instant Downloadable


Sohaila’s world winning Instructional Series DVD’s have been seen and used around the globe, converting ordinary dancers into extraordinary dancers and performers.

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Basics to Belly Dancing
Basic moves are a major key to the foundation in any dance. Sohaila’s technique makes these basics fun and easy to learn.

This DVD covers proper attire, use of space, proper posture, stance, poses, hand positioning, basic arm positioning, arm movements, basic turns and spins, position of head and face, basic walk, isolation, and body awareness. Added bonuses are two Sohaila performances.

Diagram Patterns to Enhance your Dance Are you looking for more moves to add to your dance repertoire? Are you looking for just the right move to put in a new dance combination or choreograph, well here it is…diagram patterns that are fun and easy to learn. Sohaila will teach you how to incorporate these moves into a smooth performance. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing.
Introduction. Preview the moves.  Learn the moves: Half moons, Safety pins, Forward circle ovals, Side oval circles, Safety pin snap, M & N, M, N. & O, 3/4 G split, Pyramid. Combinations. Moves all together as a dance. Sohaila dances. Sohaila’s boutique of treasures. About Sohaila.

Figure Eight Patterns from Head to Toe Did you ever wonder that a simple figure eight pattern can be made into so many different and exciting moves, well wonder no more: Sohaila shows you just how to take a simple figure eight pattern and dance a full dance with new moves and combinations that you can do from head to toe! Learn different combinations to add to your dance repertoire with agility and ease, with grace and beauty. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s Basics to Belly dancing.
Introduction. Preview the moves; Figure eight head movements, Chest figure eights, Vogue arms, Snake arms, Forward hip figure eights, Deep forward figure eights, Backward figure eights, Mayas on the up, Mayas on the down, One hip figure eights.
Learn the moves. Combinations. Moves all together in a dance. Sohaila Dances.  Sohaila’s Boutique of Treasures. About Sohaila

Shimmy’s, Moves, and More
Shimmies and hip drops are some of the hardest moves you will learn in belly dancing. Sohaila teaches you correct and precise technique to get you started on having fabulous 3/4 shimmies and hip drops, not to mention a few more fun and exciting moves in store for you in this program. Sohaila will teach you how to travel with these moves and how to put them together into a full dance. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basics to belly dancing.
Introduction. Preview the moves; 3/4 shimmy, Hip drops, Triangle hip snap, American shimmy. Learn the moves. All together as a dance. Sohaila dances in costume. Insights. Sohaila’s Boutique of treasures. About Sohaila.

Belly dancing for the Single Woman
Sohaila brings to life the dance that has fascinated the world for over 2000 years. This program is tailer made for anyone who wants to spice up their life and become the center of attention! Easy to follow step by step instructions with follow up details ensure that when the music begins everyones eyes will be on you! Experience the sensual art of belly dancing.

Introduction. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing.
A modern day fable…Warm up, Basic steps: Head movements, Arm poses; Arabic-Turkish-Pharonic-Egyptian. Rib cage, Camels, Hip figure eights, Half moons, Choo choos, Basic Egyptian walk. Steps in detail. All moves together. Sohaila dance in costume, Sohaila’s boutique, About Sohaila

Belly Dancing for the Boudoir
This program is dedicated to start you on your way to a more exciting and pleasurable romance. Sohaila is your personal guide in teaching you how to enhance your relationship with your lover. Step by step instruction on makeup, atmosphere, and belly dance moves. Add to that, tips on costume and accessories and you are on your way to many romantic evenings. Sohaila reveals her secrets and teaches them to you in the privacy of your own home. See first hand how Shawnee, one of Sohaila’s former students, romances her husband by using the instruction and techniques in this program. As a bonus, performances by Sohaila and Shawnee will aid you in perfecting your moves. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing. Introduction,

Tips on getting ready. Taking a closer look; Makeup, hair, jewelry, costume, atmosphere, music, scent. The basic moves: Chest locks, Camels, Hip circles; small, medium, large. U shape hip swings, Egyptian walk, Hip shimmies, Shoulder shimmies. Moves in detail. Combining moves.
The story begins….Shawnee dances. Sohaila dances. Sohaila’s boutique. About Sohaila.

Belly dancing for the Voluptuous Woman
Belly dancing isn’t just for one type of person, it’s for every BODY. Whether you are short, tall, full figure or slim, you too can belly dance your way to fitness and have fun while dancing. This program will help you find self enrichment, fulfillment and exercise your self esteem to a richer and fuller degree. Sohaila and Debbie show you just how easy one can move your body combining movements together into a dance with grace and beauty. Practice sessions are included with Sohaila to make sure you perfect the moves. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing.
Introduction. Preview the moves. Learn the moves: Choo choo, Snake arms, Basic walk, Oval circles, Side oval circles, Safety pins, Hand movements, Figure eights forward and back.  Combination, 1, 2, 3. Moves to form a dance. Amina practices the moves. Sohaila dances in costume. Amina dances in costume. Sohaila’s boutique of treasures. About Sohaila

The Art of Ultimate Pleasure
Are you striving for ultimate gratification? Do you want to keep that flame alive and rekindle your sex life? Well now you can…Sohaila will teach you how to combine exotic and erotic moves that will make you feel self confident, attractive, sexy, exciting and romantic. you will learn how to add these moves int a beautiful dance that can be sued as a prelude to making love and for ultimate gratification for your partner and yourself. Sohaila’s secrets of keeping a man passionately and hopelessly in love with you. Discover ways to experience opening your mind, body and spirit to love making, mindful ecstasy and sexual spirituality. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing.
Introduction. Preview the moves. Learn exotic and erotic moves: Hip circles, Oumis, Camels, U-shape hip swings, Pelvic thrust, Hip figure eights, Shoulder rolls, Chest circles. Moves all together as a dance. Creative ways to use the moves.

Practice Combinations. Other seductive tips. Moves as a dance in costume. Bonus dance.
Sohaila’s boutique of treasures. About Sohaila.

Introduction to Zills
Finger cymbals, also known as Zills are a fun prop and instrument used to enhance and accompany your dance. Sohaila will show you just how smile it can be to incorporate them with some favorite moves. To obtain maximum benefit from the DVD, the student should know the following dance moves listed below. These moves are taught in Sohaila’s classes and her instructional videos. This DVD is for all levels. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing.
Introduction. Choosing a pair for you. How to put on and hold. Sounds used.

Music Rhythms; Ayoub, Beledi, Chiftitelli
Zill Pattenrn; Constant roll, Gallop, Beledi, Chiftitelli
Dance moves with Zills; Egyptian walk, Pivot, Choo choo, 3 point turn.
Tips/Use and care. Live drum workshop with Dave Dhillon and Sohaila. Sohaila Dances.

Veil Spotlight
|Veils are one of the most popular props used in American style Belly Dancing. The veil can add mystery, interest and variety by adding a touch of elegance to your dance performance. Sohaila will show you just how easy the veil can be used to enhance your dance. This DVD is for Beginning to Intermediate level students. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing.

Veil Wraps: How to put on, take off, and remove while dancing.
Over the Shoulder Wrap. Front Tie Wrap. The Sari. The Mummy.Criss Cross Wrap
Veil Twirls: Front Twirl, Flip Lift, Windmill, One Shoulder Hold, Cascade, Veil Twirl & Switch.
Combining the twirls together. Tips on holding the veil, use of space, and other useful information. Sohaila Dances

BellyRobics A new concept in fitness!
Are you bored with your every day fitness routine…try something new and exciting. Easy to follow aerobic steps with belly dance moves. Sohaila brings you the unique new concept Bellyrobics. A fun and exiting new exercise form. A complete all  over workout for everyday!. Exercise your way to fitness with Bellyrobics! Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing.
Warm up. Low impact. Mid impact. Floorwork- stomach, legs, buttocks. Cool down. Sohaila’s boutique. About Sohaila

Dance Fusion For Cool Children
Kids love to dance! Dance is a great way for kids to exercise, stay in shape and what better way….while having fun! This program has been created for children of all ages, sub hosted by children! It applies unique and creative movements that you child can use with any form of dance. These fun moves will help to improve coordination and self confidence. Your child will lean a fun and entertaining choreography that is easy to learn and fun to do! Simplified to match your child’s abilities and attention span. The moves are demonstrated and explained step y step to make it easy to dance along and follow.

Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s basis to belly dancing.
Introduction. Preview the moves. Learn the moves:
Arm movements; side, front, vogue. Camels, Basic walk, Hip figure eights, Large hip circle, Pivot, Choo choos, Hip shimmies. Choreography routine. Lexi dances. Angel dances.
A candid interview with Angel and Lexi. Sohaila’s Boutique of Treasures. About Sohaila.