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Sohaila’s 2nd Edition Near and Middle Eastern Dance Workbook is a must for all dance enthusiasts as well as teachers to add to their dance library. Sohaila has 35+ years Middle Eastern dance expertise and knowledge in the field of Belly dancing and Folkloric Middle Eastern dance styles, having traveling and dancing the world.This workbook has a plethora of information that is true and accurate.
Teachers and Professors around the world are using this book to enhance their teaching skills and deliver high-quality classes to their students and clients.  (2006) 338 pages  Instantly downloadable! $69.99

ABC’s of Belly Dance Costuming, Ideas and More!
Are you tired of all those expensive costumes that you can’t afford. Me too! Now you can make your own beautiful costumes your way! Sohaila’s ABCs of Belly Dancing Costuming, Ideas and More Book is for ANY person that likes to hand sew, or use a sewing machine to make some fun and exciting items. This book is filled with inspirational and fun ideas to make from scratch or from something to enhance that is already made. In no time you will have a beautiful dance costume. Easy tips and tricks from Sohaila. Her 33 years of dancing and making her own costumes since she was a teenager has given her some amazing knowledge and insights to help her students make their own costumes with simplicity.
Included is a CD of: Full Workbook in Color pdf, Costume ideas, Patterns, How to’s!  (2014)
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$69.99  (176 pages)

The Belly Dancer’s Pocket Guide- How to Stay Sane and Thrive in the Dance World
Easy to read pocket ebook to educate dancers in the area of ethics and values for students, performers, and teachers alike. A complete pocket book divided into sections.
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Empowering Affirmations
Quote and Affirmations from the World’s Top Entrepreneurs to Inspire You! Turn your days into inspiration with these amazing quotes from top entrepreneurs. Elegantly presented, this affirmation book will inspire you. Read it when ever and where ever you are. Empowering words of wisdom to keep you on the path of moving forward and staying focused.
These quotes were taken from Sohaila’s latest Interview Summit, “The Courage to Bring out your Authentic you, Dance to your own beat, no matter whose music is playing”. With over 24 live interviews from World renowned top Actors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs.
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Belly Dance A Holistic Dance, A Unique Style of Self Expression
Sohaila’s New eBook Reveals: How Belly Dance is A Unique Style of Self-Expression!!

This simple and easy-to-read book will show you… how movements of dance are tailored by the dancer to communicate their outlook and message on the universal expressions of life. You will discover how dance can liberate you, revealing a rich and joyful experience.
A very powerful book to inspire all women to be who they are meant to be. It’s time to awaken the woman inside of you!
Start healing your body, mind and soul and start creating a better life today!  Something in your life might be hindering you, maybe even stopping you from being the person you want to be and living the life you want to live…well lets change that. This book gets you on the path to a self-empowered approach to owning your true self worth bringing out your self expression to the fullest.
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Sohaila’s Exclusive Signature Series DVD Package Bundle!
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