This year is about collaborating with like minded teachers who are dedicated to this beautiful dance form as I am. There are so many fabulous teachers. I want to give my students a taste of different dance styles and teaching methods. These specialty guest teachers classes are open to all. All classes are held on the first Wednesday evenings of every month, unless noted. Enrolling is easy. You can enroll in one class or purchase a class punch card to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the specialty classes. Enroll now and join us!

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Wednesday November 7th


Titanya Monique Dahlin’s career has evolved significantly over the last twenty years. Today, most of her focus is on her work in the Energy Medicine community where she has a world-wide following. She still is on the faculty of the popular Omega Institute in New York where she has been teaching annual dance workshops for more than a decade.
When you first meet Titanya, you think of a lighthearted fairy or a good witch, but once you get to know her, you realize there is so much more depth lurking beneath her. She is not your ordinary belly dancer. Multi-dimensional, she dances, choreographs, performs, produces, writes, directs, makes sets and costumes, designs posters and programs for her many elaborate shows. She is called The StoryDancer, since she is a dancer with a beautiful magical storyteller voice that can transport the listener to exotic worlds free of stress and strife. At the same time, Titanya gives a needed message to a room full of people, yet you will feel as if she is speaking to you and only you and you will fall under her spell!
Titanya uses her voice to educate people about this art form of the belly dance and also to connect them to important issues of women’s plights throughout history, which affect us all. She feels that she has a mission to speak out for those who cannot. She brings a conscious awareness, not through political reaction but through the imaginary world of the story.
Since 1993, she has been writing, choreographing and producing her own one-woman shows that have received wide acclaim and rave reviews. Always striving to bring programs that bring beauty, peace and healing to our ever- changing world, profound messages abound in her work and woman as Goddess is revered always.