About Sohaila

Sohaila is a world renowned professional Belly Dance artist with over 33 years of Belly Dance perfomance and teaching experience. She is an award winning director and choreographer who has performed on major entertainment stages across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. She has been featured as a top solo dancer in hundreds of venues, from cruise ships to dignitary events. From the age of 12, Sohaila has been blessed to receive personal instruction from a diverse set of famous master dancers, both in the U.S. and in Egypt.

Over the years, Sohaila has mastered the art of Belly Dance and personalized it with fluidity, class, grace and style. Her flawless performance of classical Egyptian dance has awed audiences everywhere, leaving them entranced by her beautiful form, natural sensuality, and her gracious smile.   Being a pioneer in the art of Belly Dance is one of Sohaila’s many lasting achievements. In 1984, she had the honor of introducing the art of Belly Dance to Mexico City and was welcomed with open arms. Other achievements include teaching, researching and writing about Belly Dance. She has published several widely referenced instructional books on the classical Egyptian dance and Folkloric dance styles and techniques including, “Abcs of Belly Dance Costuming, Ideas and More,” and “Belly Dancing, A Holistic Dance.”

Along with being a world class dance instructor, Sohaila has developed programs that empower women through the art of movement and self-awareness. Women of all ages and all fitness levels love her NewVo Fitness program and it is destined to become the top selling fitness class at gyms worldwide. Instructors everywhere are getting in on the craze by becoming certified to add NewVo Fitness classes to their exercise programs. With her Sense-ual Woman program, Sohaila strives to build self-confidence and a strong sense of empowerment in all women. She has created a fun, in-depth online course that teaches women how to access the power within them by using their FIve Sacred Senses and Ancient Belly Dance movements. Sohaila’s hope is to “Give every woman ownership of her self and make her feel truly beautiful – body, mind, and soul!”   Sohaila has also created a library of instructional and dance DVDs’ that have been getting rave reviews from dancers around the world who can now add her expertise to their dance repertoire. She’s even gone a step further and created a program especially for dancers who can’t take her lessons in person or dancers who want to work even harder at reaching their goals. She calls it Ordinary to Extraordinary Now!

Sohaila’s vision has always been to teach students the ancient art of Belledi (Belly Dance) and to keep this art form alive by building a strong network of new generation dancers. She is committed to passing on her knowledge to each of her students with patience, caring, and a firm belief that self-awareness and dance will enable them to unlock their power and positively change their lives, in the same way that they have hers.

Sohaila is available for

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Private and Group Coaching and Mentoring
  • Private and Group Belly Dance and/or NewVo Classes
  • Seminars in your area