Figure Eight Patterns from Head to Toe


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Figure Eight Patterns from Head to Toe

Did you eve wonder that a simple figure eight pattern can be made int os many different and exciting moves, well wonder no more: Sohaila shows you just how to take a simple figure eight pattern and dance a full dance with new moves and combinations that you can do from head to toe!
Lean different combinations to add to your dance repertoire with agility and ease, with grace and beauty. Recommended to accompany this DVD is Sohaila’s Basics to Belly dancing.

Preview the moves;
Figure eight head movements
Chest figure eights
Vogue arms
Snake arms
Forward hip figure eights
Deep forward figure eights
Backward figure eights
Mayas on the up
Mayas on the down
One hip figure eights
Learn the moves
Moves all together in a dance
Sohaila Dances
Sohaila’s Boutique of Treasures
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