Dance Fusion For Cool Children DVD


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Dance Fusion For Cool Children

Kids love to dance! Dance is a great way for kids to exercise, stay in shape and what better way….while having fun! This program has been created for children of all ages, sub hosted by children! It applies unique and creative movements that you child can use with any form of dance. These fun moves will help to improve coordination and self confidence. Your child will lean a fun and entertaining choreography that is easy to learn and fun to do! Simplified to match your child’s abilities and attention span. The moves are demonstrated and explained step y step to make it easy to dance along and follow. Introduction

Preview the moves
Learn the moves
Arm movements; side, front, vogue Camels
Basic walk
Hip figure eights
Large hip circle
Choo choos
Hip shimmies
Choreography routine
Lexi dances
Angel dances
A candid interview with Angel and Lexi
Sohaila’s Boutique of Treasures
About Sohaila

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