Belly Dancing for the Boudoir


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Belly Dancing for the Boudoir

This program is dedicated to start you on your way to a more exciting and pleasurable romance. Sohaila is your personal guide in teaching you how to enhance your relationship with your lover. Step by step instruction on makeup, atmosphere, and belly dance moves. Add to that, tips on costume and accessories and you are on your way to many romantic evenings. Sohaila reveals her secrets and teaches them to you in the privacy of your own home. See first hand how Shawnee, one of Sohaila’s former students, romances her husband by using the instruction and techniques in this program. As a bonus, performances by Sohaila and Shawnee will aid you in perfecting your moves.

Tips on getting ready
Taking a closer look; Makeup, hair, jewelry, costume, atmosphere, music, scent
The basic moves:                                                                                                         Camels                                                                                                                                        Hip circles; small, medium, large                                                                                 U shape hip swings
Egyptian walk                                                                                                                  Hip shimmies                                                                                                                       Shoulder shimmys                                                                                                           Moves in detail


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