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Full of costuming tips and how to’s!

Sohaila’s ABCs of Belly Dancing Costuming, Ideas and More Book  is for ANY person that likes to hand sew, or use a sewing machine to make some fun and exciting items.

This book is filled with inspirational and fun ideas to make from scratch or from somehow that is already made with enhancements. In no time you will have a beautiful dan costume made. Easy tips and tricks from Sohaila. Her 33 years of dancing and making her own costumes since she was a teenager has given her some amazing knowledge and insights to help her students make their own costumes with simplicity.

See for yourself why this book is for you! Don’t know how to sew, thats’ okay, Sohaila will show you how to make many beautiful items with ease. Patterns are included! Sohaila reveals how to make her Exclusive Sohaila Signature Headband, step by step so you too can wear this fabulous signature piece! Over 200 pages of ideas, tips, patterns and photos. The fabulous workbook is complete with:

  • Introduction
  • History of Costumes
  • An Encyclopedia of Ideas from A to Z
  • Instructions
  • Belt Patterns
  • Checklists
  • and much more ideas and informatioin
  • Included is a CD of:
  • Full Workbook in Color pdf
  • Costume ideas
  • Patterns
  • How to’s
  • an added bonus of 100’s of amazing photos to help you with your ideas

Order yours today and get started on your new fabulous costume!!! $59.99 includes CD   Don’t forget to take a photo of you in your costume and send it to me by email, I would love to post it in my studio!

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